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Monday, June 30, 2014

Last Day of June Recap and 2014 NewFO Link Up

June has zipped by and it's time to recap and link up. 

I am participating in Barbara at Cat Patches 2014 NewFO Challenge. Click here to see everyone's new projects  June NewFO Challenge and Linky Party

My June 2014 quilt stats:

2 new quilt rows started & finished for LQS (Pieceful Gathering) Daring Downton Debacle Challenge. Row 4 blocks were started in May & and became a  row this month. 

Row 4 - on the left.
Row 5 was started and finished. It's a NewFO

Which brings me to... a FINISH, well a finished top!

And my not so spectacular progress
1 quilt in progress - raw edge fused applique.
From the workshop with Frieda Anderson, I have my rendition of 'Field Poppies'.  It's all fused and layered and  still waiting to be machine quilted.

And then there is a Not quite but almost Finish from an old UFO - my Sweet Man's 'Grey is not a Color' quilt.  I have no defense as to why this is not bound yet.  I still swear there is something about this quilt that just doesn't want to be finished.  

July has a lot of things on my to do list. The Wicked challenge is my primary focus, with the layering and quilting of the DDD challenge right behind and then finally, there is the 9 patch New Quilt from Old Favorites that needs work.  

How was your June?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Daring Downton Debacle Challenge Quilt Update

It's a TOP!!

Finally - my Daring Downton Debacle Challenge has been pieced into a top and a back!  WooHoo!!

I took the unused fat quarters from the collection bundle I purchased and together with the leftovers from the front, I pieced a back. I couldn't bear to cut into the cream fabric with Highclere Castle on it; it will be where I write my label information.  It's random, patched and somehow perfect in it's counterpoint from the front.

Yes, I know I have extra fabric in the second row just hanging off the right side.  I'll worry about that after I get it machine quilted. That's when the decision about whether it will be finished with a narrow black border or just black binding. Just not quite sure yet - the quilt will tell me what it needs.

I was able to get outside between the raindrops and snap these pictures

...with some special help.

Thanks, Drake!
A close up shot

Technically, the top is not finished until I add the required applique to one of the rows.  Or in my case, since I duplicated that row - I have to add applique to two rows so there is balance.  I'm thinking pieces of the floral fabric (circles or ovals) in the middle of the cream squares of rows 2 & 4.  I may just carry the applique out onto the border, right over the seam between the blue and green, easing that transition.

My goal would be to get this layered this coming weekend and start the machine quilting on it - in what pattern I have NO clue!  We'll have to wait & see how much I accomplish. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Half Day Road Trip

Yes, I have moments of insanity.  I freely admit to them.  Quite a number of them involve me getting into the driver's seat with a wild, hair-brained idea and a full tank of gas. 

Like Monday.

The DH was on his trip, I wanted more lavender plants, we needed cat & dog food, and maybe 2 more pairs of capri pants like the navy ones I had bought 2 weeks ago at the outlet mall...the outlet mall in Michigan City, Indiana.

Hmm - looked like a road trip to me. 

Here's the catch - while I had taken Monday off work, I didn't want to spend the whole day out, I wanted to sew and I had a nasty sinus issue going on. I could deal with those constraints.  

Up at 4:45 am, out of the house & on the road at 5:30 am. Round trip (263 miles, estimated drive time 5 hours) with stops at the nursery, the Michigan House, gas station, feed store & outlet store. Back home at 12:30 pm, in time for lunch - all of that in 7 hours!

The final score - 3 lavender plants, 2 silver mounds, cat & dog food, and no capri pants (sold out - bummer). I also discovered that the Michigan house grass hadn't been cut after I had made arrangements two weeks ago!  GRRR!!!

The new lavender plants join the previous one in front of the front stair hedge.

The silver mound (artemisia) plants got cut in half to be planted in the narrow bed along the west side of the garage.  

This little bed needs more mulch to make the silver mound feel at home

The front pots have really filled in nicely.

Front pots in May

Front pots now

The tomatoes are setting fruit nicely,
Tomatoes in May

Sungold grape tomato

Rainbow Heirloom
even the free small one.

The afternoon was spent on the couch, surrounded by dogs who knew I didn't feel good - very comforting.

Next up - what I got sewn over the weekend.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Quilt show - Part 3, Chicago School of Fusing

The Chicago School of Fusing  is a group of art quilters dedicated to spreading the message of the wonders of fused quilts.  Using vibrant hand-dyed fabrics,  the members create bold, dynamic art quilts with themes ranging from the love of nature to an appreciation of chickens.  
Some of the members ( Frieda Anderson, Ann Fahl, Jane Sassaman, Emily Parson, Robbi Eklow, Laura Wasilowski and August Wasilowski had a special exhibit of their gorgeous fused work. 
Not the best shot - "Press On!" -  Art Quilts from the Chicago School of Fusing
I have admired their work for many years and my recent fused quilts have been strongly influenced by their experience and willingness to share their vast knowledge about fusing techniques, fabrics to use & machine quilting.

I am thrilled to share a few select quilts from "Press On!"

I was thrilled to see these wonderful quilts - something to aspire to in my fused work

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quilt Show - Part 2, "In Full Bloom" 2013 Exhibit

This exhibit focuses on floral quilts of all kind.  I was drawn to the realistic style of several of them.

This triptych has 3-D flowers on it!

I love the hummingbirds, though I accidentally cropped the maker's information on this quilt.

Hope you liked these few - more pictures tomorrow.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Quilt Show, Part 1 - The Yurt

Friday was my sojourn to the International Quilt Fest.  Let me start by saying then I have been fortunate to attend this show every year that's it been held in Chicago, although I've never taken any of the numerous workshops offered - just never worked out in my schedule.   

The quilts on exhibit were AMAZING!!!  There was something for everyone to appreciate.  I'll be sharing the ones I did take pictures of over the next few days.  

It was cool to see the yurt exhibit with all the new four seasons panels hanging on it.

Okay - here's the scoop you've all been waiting for - the shopping!  The vendors were great - awesome selections of fabrics, threads, patterns, designs, notions, tools, etc.  What I didn't find was embellishments that would work for the Wicked quilt. Bummer! Since my budget was earmarked specifically for that, I didn't really look for much else.

So there I was wandering up & down the aisles and aisles of booths and somehow, I'm not exactly sure how, these beautiful batiks ended up in my backpack.

Believe it or not - that's is all I purchased.  Given my shopping maven status - this is really quite unbelievable.