A View of My Quilt Life

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Happy 1st Birthday!!

This little dog

turns one year old today.

Almost, but not quite all grown up.

Last week, Odie measured 18.5 inches at the withers and weighed in at 46 lbs.  He has garnered 3 points towards his AKC championship since April, in limited showing.  Next week, Odie starts his first Obedience class.  That should prove to be interesting. While he works off hand signals, he also gets strong and likes to pull when on lead.

Last night, Odie was snoozing at my feet while I typed this post.  He is my constant companion, my pride and joy, my funny, silly puppy, who reminds me to not take life too seriously.  And Odie is a pretty good Studio Dog!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Sewing a Special Slipcover

I know I've been gone for quite some time and there are many things that have happened.  I'll get you all caught up on them intermittently as we go forward, rather than try to go back and post them in chronological order. Life keeps marching on!

My sewing machines are the things that haven't been running much in the past few months.  My  time & creativity has been put to use on other types of projects. But it was time to get my hands back on fabric and get some balance going again.  And, even more importantly, the project needed to be for ME!

I was checking out one of my favorite horse tack shop's consignment area, looking for needed items and great deals, when I ran across this pad. 

The sheepskin on the back was in very good condition. The rest of the pad was a little rough. One of the problems with these pad are the textile difference between the fabric and the binding. When the pads are washed, the shrinkage rates are different and the pads starts to roll. And seeing as it's a horse pad, it gets washed a lot!

Once you remove the old binding, the curl relaxes and the pad is ready for renovation.  This particular pad is not super thick, making it a great candidate for a 'slipcover' on the outside. I found this pretty, bright floral pre-quilted fabric at JoAnn Fabrics. Perfect!  

It took some careful fitting, machine sewing to quilt the layers together and a bit of hand stitching on the tricky parts and I have a great looking new slipcovered dressage pad!  One of the hardest decisions was what color binding to use.  I prewashed fabric to prevent the same curling from happening again.

I still need to make and attach new billet keeper straps. Future plans include matching sport boots for Stormy 

and eventually, a fun shadbelly coat for me using the floral fabric for contrast. 

Feels great being back in the Studio!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Almost Move In Ready

Things are really coming together on the condo redo.  Carpet is being installed TODAY!!

Home Depot is running a free installation with purchase deal right now, which includes removal and haul away of the old carpet. That alone was SO worth it!  I have no desire to wrestle with carpeting in any way shape or form.

I chose Stallion II carpet, in the Derby color, for a nice, light neutral carpeting.

The kitchen floor:
Before - it has seen better days. 

I could not leave this untouched. Fortunately, TrafficMaster Allure vinyl is fabulous! It sticks to itself, not the underfloor. I chose the Sedona three tile section which is 12" x 36" each, rather than the narrower wood look planks, to speed the installation. 

I have the wood look planks in this flooring in the downstairs bedroom at home. It's installed directly over the concrete pad with no issue and is wearing great, or rather not wearing at all.
During - the first course is the most important to get positioned correctly. As a bonus, there wasn't much crawling around on the floor because I could make the few necessary cuts up on the countertop. 

After - well, almost after.  I was short by 4 sections, or 5 partial pieces.  They go where you see the protective paper covering the adhesive flanges. By the time this post goes live, the floor has been finished and appliances are back in their positions.

A sneak peek of the kitchen floor with the carpet.

In between the kitchen tasks last week, I tackled the bathroom. My brother handled the ceiling repair. I handled the wallpaper border removal, the caulking, the painting of the walls and the vanity. 

The walls went from off aqua to a light, sunny yellow to coordinate with the yellow flecks in the wall tile. 

The floor needs scrubbing. A few towel bars need to be put back up. The shower rod and brand new shower curtain will be installed and the bathroom is done. 

Friday, March 2, 2018

Interlocking Pieces

Not back in the Studio yet, but I was working with a different kind of interlocking, overlapping, repeating pattern kind of pieces.  The condo kitchen was up next for a cosmetic facelift. 
Before - the light grey tiles, while structurally sound, had seen some better days. 

The color was, um, hideous. It was too light, slightly bumpy in texture and boring!

During - I found a great facelift product: Tic Tac Tiles. 

These install right on top of other existing surfaces, including ceramic tiles.  Amazon had the best price (50 tiles for under $180) and I had them in two days. They are resistant to heat & moisture, are anti-bacterial, anti-mold and made from eco-friendly materials.

I started the first two tiles working from left to right - WRONG!  They need to be installed right to left in order for the overlap to work. 

After - the completed tiling project. I LOVE the way the tile  colors work with the cabinets and countertop. 

I replaced the old, carved, antique copper knobs with simple brushed nickel ones. And to finish off the project, I installed some narrow trim - much like binding on a quilt.

The condo is thisclose to being done and ready for market. Up next is replacing the kitchen floor and an update to the bathroom.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

7 Weeks vs. 7 Months

Then - 7 and 1/2 weeks
vs. Now - 7 and 1/2 months

Odie's grown a bit, to say the least, weighing in at roughly 45 lbs. His unusual color (black sable) has turned a few heads as it is quite striking. 

Never expected it would change this much when I first saw him at 3 and a half weeks but I love it. And him, too!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Oh and what's this???

Did someone sneak in a new quilt challenge? Why, yes, yes I did! 

If I get really motivated, I may actually get something designed for the 2018 Hoffman Fabrics Challenge. Haven't done one of these in years, so why not. Of Course, I'll need to pick up a few more fabrics for this project.