A View of My Quilt Life

Monday, July 25, 2016

Sums It All Up

Yep - the last couple weeks since my previous post have been interesting. 

Was there sewing? Umm yes and no.  I hand stitched some pockets to the interior of DH's costume vests. A grand total of 4 pockets.  Not a lot of sewing but it was a welcome break from the computer. 

This screen shot pretty much sums up the past couple of weeks.

Happy to report, this issue resolved itself and the computer did not get thrown out the window.  And, even better news, some quilt designing is underway!

Monday, July 11, 2016

The Night King is In!

On Friday, I received this email notification:

The Night King is in as a Finalist!  There were 304 entries, with 120 being named finalists!  I am honored to be among them.  

Got the label sewn down last night so it's ready to make its way to Minnesota.  I like the way the quilting shows up on the back.

Now I need to leave the lion behind & concentrate on flying geese.

Friday, July 8, 2016

The Lion King Project

Way back in February (February?!), I introduced the Cherrywood Lion King Challenge.  It had a deadline of July 1st, which I made by a whopping 2 hours and 17 minutes.

My finished piece is different from what I had originally imagined it to be.  It came down to 'Get something done already!'  A much needed dose of sewing discipline for myself.

In the end, my inspiration came from the Lion King logo itself (nope, no huge stretch of any creative imagination here).  I had a printed 4 inch square picture to work from and the finished piece needed to be 20 inches square.  I didn't have time to have the picture blown up to actual size so I gridded off the small picture and the full size drawing page, and free-handed the image. 

Since the face was to be done in fused raw edge applique, I had to reverse the drawing and transfer it to the back of the fusing material.

I chose a few browns to add to the challenge golds. Here is the back of the applique piece.

And here it is all cut out as one piece - it looks like a pile of strings.

Much better once it's laid out and ironed down. 

First I outline quilted with black thread then used a medium tan, lightly variegated thread for the rest of the quilting. I finished it off with some simple borders and here is "The Night King"

Waiting to hear if it is good enough to make the cut of the finalists - should be announced by this weekend.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

I Am Here!

The Happy, Happy, Zen, Zen Michigan House.  It's only for four days but it's fabulous and I am grateful!

I need to step back for a minute and document my absence from Blogland for 3 months.  It wasn't planned. It wasn't bad.  It was busy, bordering on overwhelming at times but it's behind me.  I learned a few things that I may have known at one time but had forgotten.  

1. Dietary supplements and I don't always get along.  I tried a new one that totally, completely sapped my energy level. It took me a bit to figure out the culprit but once I stopped, my energy bounced back just in time to...

2. Take on doing another persons job, in addition to my own.  With daily planning, some extra hours (what is a weekend?), a whole lot of communication with my team, I have been getting it done. In mid-April, a colleague left the company.  She performed a vital role and I was the only other person trained in the process. There has been no time to train someone else to do it, because...

3. The only thing you can count on is change.  On June 3rd, my company was sold, merger, acquired - pick your word. Bottom line things will be changing at work.  The transition has started. It will take several months for the integration to reach me and my responsibilities will shift again. Just need to keep on keeping on because...

4. Health is important.  I am fine! We are still working thru the logistics of when my DH will be having back surgery. After several delays, it's tentatively planned for the beginning of August. The delays were probably a blessing in disguise as my Dad underwent 3 cardiac catheterizations between mid-May and the end of July. He's doing well with 5 stents implanted and avoided open heart surgery. And finally..

5. Some things are unacceptable. This is one of them.

And it can't be allowed to happen again.  Me not sewing something - anything - is bad for my well being.  It has since been dusted off and is with me this week.  I have a recently completed project to share and a new one underway.   

Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence Day!

So much to catch up on but not today.  It's all about celebrating our Nation's Birthday and Independence!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Colors and Coloring

Since it’s officially Spring here in the Midwest, it’s about time to have some Spring colors popping up.

In between the late March snow, the daylilies are doing their best.  

No worries – the snow didn’t last long and the lilies should be just fine. 

I didn’t color any Easter eggs this year, since the dozen in the fridge are brown eggs.  But I did buy some new riding clothes, in Spring colors, for the Easter Adult Fun Show this coming weekend.

I think they go well with my spring show saddle pad that I made last year.

In the last of my recent coloring adventures. I went from this last spring:

To this at the end of summer:

And then this, last week - BLAH!:

Yes, my hair is slowing growing back.  But it’s the drab brunette my parents blessed me with and the extra grey hairs I’ve earned over the years.  I felt and looked wash out & worn down.   Not anymore.

The RED head is back!

I ‘fell’ into a little box of hair color the other night.  It;s brighter in real life.  No one can miss me now!  It feels good to look more like me.

I wonder what I’ll get into next.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter

This is our Easter lamb cake, made by my dad - pound cake with vanilla frosting.

I was out to Michigan on Friday, opening the house with Mom and she brought it with so I could bring it home.  I did. By Saturday morning, I fulfilled the Family tradition - Lamb cake ears are always cut off first, enjoyed with my morning tea. My brother, sister & I used to fight over the ears.

Shortly after that:

This lamb cake is not going to last long around here.

Note to Dad:  Easter cellophane 'grass' does NOT mix well with frosting.  Just saying!  The cake is yummy, though.

Easter was a bit different this year. I had a plan - it was a good plan.   I have a lovely corned beef brisket in the fridge that I was going to cook up with some fixings.  I started the day making yummy blueberry pancakes for Easter breakfast.

Then came the planned activity for the day. 


Ugh!  I had to wade through the pile of medical bills,  statements, explanation of benefits - organizing and totaling them up (Yikes!).  Lots to do before I could even start on the taxes.  Before I knew it, the clock was striking 3 in the afternoon.  The brisket was still in the fridge. Well, crud! So much for that plan.

We had left over Chinese food for dinner.  Love that the DH is a tolerant man!  At least we had a couple of yummy cheesecake slices for desert.