A View of My Quilt Life

Thursday, April 30, 2015

National Quilt Musuem

I LOVE this building!!

To be more precise, I love everything inside this building - the quilts, the gift shop, the classes, the energy, commitment & dedication of the staff as they do their best to preserve our our quilt heritage.

The book signing event for 'Nine Patch: New Quilts from an Old Favorite' was on Friday.  It was a total blast.  So many people came to see the quilts and chat with us that I lost count.  We had 12 of the 18 finalists in attendance.  I was awed by the talent I was surrounded by - a fun and gracious group of quilters!

The book, published by the AQS, turned out beautiful!  

It was overwhelming to hold this in my hands the first time. Seeing my humble quilt hanging in this place was a thrill of a lifetime.  

To think I won't be seeing it again for two years is strange. So when no one was looking, right before I headed out, I touched the bottom corner to say goodbye and send it on it's journey.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Red & White Part of Paducah

Not all my time in Paducah was spent shopping.  I attended a few lectures while there and enjoyed every minute of them.

'The Story of Red & White' lecture and show was presented by Author Ann Hazelwood, an avid antique quilt collector.  

The many old red and white quilts she shared were amazing.

Just as amazing was the recent book published by AQS - 'Red, White & Quilted'

For this book, Linda Baxter Lasco choose 12 antique quilts from Ann's collection, drafted the patterns and reproduced them using modern tools & techniques.  All of these were on display as part of a special exhibit, which included many of the antique counterparts.

The quilts were machine quilted by some of today's top quilters! 

Also appearing at Ann's lecture was a very special red & white quilt.  

This was also made by Linda - out of the leftover blocks from the 12 reproduction quilts!

My regret was that I didn't purchase this book while I was there and could have had it autographed by both Ann & Linda. 

Slaps forehead!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Paducah Post #2

Want to share some more of the goodies I brought home from my Paducah trip. 

Some Fabrics

New Bedroom Quilt Fabrics

New Stash & Project Fabric

Turtle Hand - Hand Painted Batik Squares for an office wall hanging
Some Notions & Vintage machine parts

Wooden spool pins, FW bobbins & an original vintage FW bobbin case
Some YLI Thread

Some Handmade wood pretties

I stopped at a Local Quilt Shop - Backyard Fabric on the drive from Paducah to the hotel in Murray. These bright batik FQs came home with me.

Yes - there is still more to come.  And the back of the truck wasn't even completely full!!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Home from Paducah!

It was an amazing trip!!!

I'm still processing everything I've seen and learned. I have 287 pictures to sort out. 

I made it home safe & sound late Saturday.  Not quite everything is unpacked, though 4 loads of fabric have already made it through the washer and dried on the line outside.  

This was the very first stop in Paducah! After the long drive down, the truck decided it was time for a break before heading to the hotel.  I've been shopping online with Hancock's of Paducah for years but this was the very first time I set foot into the store.  

Picture taken very early Saturday morning - 

Before the Hordes descended!
It was a blast - I stopped there everyday of the trip, though I shopped carefully.  Hancock's of Paducah emailed daily in-store deals Wednesday to Saturday.  The store was very well organized, with plenty of cheerful extra help to handle the hordes of shoppers arriving by the bus load.

Here are just a few shots of some of my new fabric treasures.

Batiks FQs and Tonga Treats 6 Pack (6" x WOF) 'Lace' batiks
 The brights are sparking a new quilt colorway and the FQs came out to $2.31 each.  The Tonga Treats were on special one of the days - Buy one, get the second one at half off the already discounted price.  I now have light neutral batiks for the stash!!

 The bottom batik is totally washed out but it's cream with tan, brown, pink & corals shade in the print.  The red and black check is the softest piece of fabric ever - it's for a special little kitty blanket.  The checkerboard is actually a small pin.  The thread is for the stash.

Back of the checkerboard pin.

Hoffman Bali Snaps - $6.99 each!

A fun print of a watercolor palette by Quilting Treasures, destined to become a zipper pouch or two

Tree of Life panel - "Fantasia" collection by Timeless Treasures
So much more to share from the show, the National Quilt Museum, the Rotary show and the trip in general.  Of course, I am WAY behind in my blog following/reading. So much to catch up on - it's going to be a busy week!

And yes - I've changed some of the advanced layout settings on the blog, some will stay & some won't. 

And an update on P - she came home from hospital very late last Tuesday, ensconced in a plastic body brace, from her upper chest to her hips, with a neck collar. We visited briefly yesterday & she's doing well.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Paducah Bound!!

I have wanted to 'do Paducah' for years.

Having not one but two quilts on display during AQS Quilt Week this year, it seemed a no brainer that this was THE year to go.   The logistics of this trip were not quite that easy - of course. 

On April 6th, I started a new job. Well, more specifically, a permanent position at the company I've been at for a year, though not in the same position.  I am now officially a Regulatory Affairs Associate.  This position comes with lots to learn and do - challenging and exciting.  Fortunately, when the job discussion and interview process started two months ago, the Paducah trip was already under consideration and negotiated into my job offer acceptance. 

Add to that budget concerns, time away from home, this trip coming right on the heels of Midwest Horse Fair, spring weather, house projects, hotel planning, etc.  - it was not a grab your backpack & head out the door kind of Road Trip. Things have come together - due, in no small part, to a fabulous husband!

The plan is depart about two hours before this post posts.  I'll catch you later this week - I'm gone!!  Watch out Paducah - Cherry is on her way!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Break - Phase Two

This is not quite the post I thought it would be.

Yes, Phase Two of my Spring Break started yesterday. Unfortunately, it's starting with a few actual breaks. Not mine - I'm fine. 

My friend, P, was trying out a horse yesterday that was under consideration for purchase.  Not quite a good match, which resulted in her taking a nasty fall, landing hard, into a fence post. She was wearing her helmet, (of course!) which protected her head.  

While she never lost consciousness, her back took a hard hit.  A few hours in the emergency room revealed some small fractures in her upper back and pelvis.  Right now, she's still there - waiting for a special back brace, which may take a few days to fit & make.  We are waiting to hear more on what we can do to help P & her husband, T with anything they need done today.  The hospital care has been great but it's located almost two hours from their home, which adds impact to  the logistics. 

Yesterday afternoon was supposed to be the great garage shift - moving the steel drawer cabinet, weight bench and rolling cabinet around to their new & hopefully permanent locations.  Since I was at hospital, Sweet Man decided to go ahead and tackle this project by himself.  

I was so surprised!  And grateful that he understood I needed to stay at the ER until I we had some definitive word on what the tests showed  for P and then drive up to Wisconsin to take care of their dogs. 

And irritated, because he could have hurt himself doing this alone.  And thrilled at the newest progress on the garage makeover - this shift around made a huge difference!   And glad that he will have some space to continue - careful not to overdo - arranging his space!  

And happy he is closer to embarking on a new passion.

So Phase Two is officially kicked off.  Hopefully, it goes a bit smoother from here on out.  Fingers Crossed!

Thursday, April 16, 2015


My version of Spring Break is way different than what most people think when they hear those words. 

No beaches, no tropical location, no umbrella drinks... well, maybe an umbrella drink.  And this is as close as I will be getting tropical flowers.

Not really tropical but a sure sign that Spring is finally here. 

My Spring Break begins at 4:00 pm today and my bags are already packed.  This weekend is the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, WI.  

I'll only be attending two of the three days but they will be packed full of clinics, breed barn visits, 4-H tack sale and shopping!  

While I'm away, there won't be any blog posts happening. But I'll meet you back here next week for Phase 2 of my Spring Break.  Hope you have a great weekend!