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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Paducah Post #2

Want to share some more of the goodies I brought home from my Paducah trip. 

Some Fabrics

New Bedroom Quilt Fabrics

New Stash & Project Fabric

Turtle Hand - Hand Painted Batik Squares for an office wall hanging
Some Notions & Vintage machine parts

Wooden spool pins, FW bobbins & an original vintage FW bobbin case
Some YLI Thread

Some Handmade wood pretties

I stopped at a Local Quilt Shop - Backyard Fabric on the drive from Paducah to the hotel in Murray. These bright batik FQs came home with me.

Yes - there is still more to come.  And the back of the truck wasn't even completely full!!

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  1. Looks like you absorbed Padcuah! How on earth did we miss each other? I loved being able to see your quilt at the National Quilt Museum! Glad you had a good time!