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Monday, April 13, 2015

Chores and Quilting Progress

DH has been itching to get the garage whipped into shape.  Clearing out clutter and better organizing our belongings will give him a work bench to start his woodworking.  Here he is

heading out to get to work on the garage - can you tell how much he likes his picture taken?

We'll need to shift around a large set of drawers that I've had for years (they were originally in my parents' flower shop) - it will give him a perfect workbench.  

Of course, this is the exact same set of drawers he was all for getting rid of just a few months ago. Luckily, I put my foot down and forbade such a drastic action. 

Spring activities are ramping up, filling up weekend days, so some time must be set aside and dedicated to the garage project.  It absolutely must get done so Sweet Man has a place for his craft.  Given how much he supports my quilt passion, I can do no less for him!  

Even if it means I have to give up some of my studio time -   The end result will long lasting organization, fewer 'things' to keep track of and freedom from clutter!  Fortunately, DH understands that this is no one-day, wonder project and that no more than a couple hours at a time can be spent standing on concrete.  

So, I managed to still have studio time 

and the Triple Windmill challenge quilt was back under the needle. Progress is being made!!!  

Just a bit more and it will be binding time.

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