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Friday, April 10, 2015

Different Kind of Wind

Last evening just before 8:00 pm, I was in the Studio machine quilting on the triple windmill project when I heard sirens in the distance.

As it turned out, they were not our tornado warning sirens but those of a neighboring area.  I immediately shut down, unplugged the machine and headed upstairs to see what was going on.  Very strong, damaging storms were moving across northwestern Illinois and up through southeastern Wisconsin, with rain, hail, high winds and two confirmed tornadoes touching down in Illinois.

We are safe and sound.  

It was scary to watch the progression of the storms on weather radar and tv, given the wide swath and re-firing of the storm cells due to unstable air. Unfortunately, one person has died and 8 are reported injured, so far.  More damage assessment will made in the light of today.

Needless to say, I never made it back to the Studio.  


  1. So glad you are all safe! We had storms move through here also, and we escaped the worst of it thank God! I have read back on some of your blog posts.....it is so hard to keep up these days........and you have been making some really wonderful work! Can't wait to see your work in Paducah! 2 weeks! YAHOOOOO!