A View of My Quilt Life

Thursday, April 30, 2015

National Quilt Musuem

I LOVE this building!!

To be more precise, I love everything inside this building - the quilts, the gift shop, the classes, the energy, commitment & dedication of the staff as they do their best to preserve our our quilt heritage.

The book signing event for 'Nine Patch: New Quilts from an Old Favorite' was on Friday.  It was a total blast.  So many people came to see the quilts and chat with us that I lost count.  We had 12 of the 18 finalists in attendance.  I was awed by the talent I was surrounded by - a fun and gracious group of quilters!

The book, published by the AQS, turned out beautiful!  

It was overwhelming to hold this in my hands the first time. Seeing my humble quilt hanging in this place was a thrill of a lifetime.  

To think I won't be seeing it again for two years is strange. So when no one was looking, right before I headed out, I touched the bottom corner to say goodbye and send it on it's journey.


  1. I am so pleased for you and thrilled that many other people will get the chance to see your beautiful quilt!

  2. How exciting to see your quilt in such a place! I would have given it a little good-bye pat if it was mine, too. The book looks great.

  3. Isn't it almost indescribable to see your work hanging in a show like this? Congratulations on getting your quilt in the show, and seeing it in person is even better! I am so happy to have seen it in person!