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Friday, May 1, 2015

Thursday Night Stitchin' and Library Additions

Remember this Quilt?

It finally came off the design wall last night to start having the binding turned and hand stitched down.  Don't ask me what I've been waiting for - it's time for this one to be done!

Onto more of the Paducah acquisitions... It's all about the BOOKS!!!

I got to meet a new author - Patience Griffin and picked up two of her books.  She has a third one coming soon.  

I thought I was going to be able to start reading them on the trip in the hotel at night - HA!!! Not so much as I fell into bed each night, completely wore out, full of quilty dreams!  I'll review them once I get to them but they look great.

I hit the damaged book sale at Finkel's and scored a nice collection of past New Quilt from an Old Favorite books.

And of course, when in Rome at an AQS show, you might as well renew your membership. This year I got this great machine quilting book 'Dream Feather' free with my renewal. 

And finally,  I am ready for the new year - with a 2016 engagement calendar. 

Happy May Day!!  Hope the weekend brings some sewing machine time!


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  1. That's the first 2016 diary I've seen. I thought the year was rushing by, but now I'm sure of it!