A View of My Quilt Life

Friday, May 22, 2015

Parts and Pieces

While there is still no sewing happening in the studio, there has been activity going on.


You remember this, don't you?  I got all giddy with the HST units and rushed ahead, sewing the blocks together.  Resulting in a very busy, dizzy quilt top.  Something had to be done!

Small sharp scissors to the rescue!

Careful un-sewing of some of the seams and I have these parts and pieces back on the design wall.

The new planned layout (shown here in a sides-chopped-off version) has open, mostly plain space to balance out all the tiny triangle madness. 

It will increase the size of this quilt to about 76 inches square - large lap / couch nap size. The exact fabric for the open space needs to be addressed before it can be reassembled. But I will be moving forward with more sewing restraint - if I have any, that is.


  1. Oh Cherry! Yikes! I loved it all together! Wondering what you may have up your sleeve now?


  2. So Beautiful.

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