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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rainbow Fabric Pull

Back to the studio!!
It's time to work on the first color of the 'Focus Through the Prism' challenge.  I chose green for the Monkey Wrench block this month and headed to the green batik drawer to pull fabric. 

And then decided - what the heck - let's pull all the batiks to go with the hand dyes for all 7 months now so they can be stored together. 

I noticed a severe lack of purples in the stash. Shopping is NOT an option.  The plan is to move some fabric out of the stash on this project.  Hmmm, a bit of a dilemma. Oh, but wait!!  When I was down in Paducah, I pick up some Bali snaps on sale.  

YES - The Kool Aid color pack should fill in any gaps in the purple range!!  

And I have the Breakers (blues), Taffy (greens) and Red Hots (yellows to reds) Bali Snaps to fill out the other colors.

All of the fabrics have been pulled and stored in one small bin ready to go each month.  I need to draw up some paper foundations for the Monkey Wrench block and start stitching!

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