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Monday, May 11, 2015

Some New Bits of Blue - Studio Additions

A Happy Belated Mother's Day to All!!

I had a perfectly, relaxing quilty day here at home.  DH made me French Toast and bacon for breakfast to start the day.  Even before he got out of bed, I was busy in the studio. 

Sewing oodles and oodles of HSTs into two-sies,

then four-sies.

Those aren't the only bits of blue in the studio.  Drake had his yearly vet check Saturday morning.  He's doing good, with his 10th birthday a week from today.  On the way home from the vet, I ran across a yard sale.  There were some really great antique items there - I passed on a Singer treadle - including these blue mason jars.

Last year Ball did a retro run of blue jars and I purchased one.  Here's the original on the left and the repro jar on the right. I definitely like the old one better.

Tomorrow - an update on the HST project.

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