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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Everyway the Wind Blows

Which brings us to the next blocks for the Sauder Village Triple Windmill Challenge.

Green was the next color up - one one of these to make, also finishing at 8 inches square.  I like these shades of green of Peppered Cottons.

Right about now I spent some time staring on how these blocks were going to lay out.  Quite a bit of time, a few sketches and a glass of wee bubbles lead to having to make three blue blocks.  Since they needed to finish at 4 inches square, I modified the number of pieces to make it easier to construct.

A few solid black setting rectangles and I was ready to start assembling. In order to achieve the layout, I had to used the partial seam method again.

So far - this is what I've got hanging on the design wall.

It still needs borders of some kind...maybe. And definitely some pressing.

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