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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Paducah Bound!!

I have wanted to 'do Paducah' for years.

Having not one but two quilts on display during AQS Quilt Week this year, it seemed a no brainer that this was THE year to go.   The logistics of this trip were not quite that easy - of course. 

On April 6th, I started a new job. Well, more specifically, a permanent position at the company I've been at for a year, though not in the same position.  I am now officially a Regulatory Affairs Associate.  This position comes with lots to learn and do - challenging and exciting.  Fortunately, when the job discussion and interview process started two months ago, the Paducah trip was already under consideration and negotiated into my job offer acceptance. 

Add to that budget concerns, time away from home, this trip coming right on the heels of Midwest Horse Fair, spring weather, house projects, hotel planning, etc.  - it was not a grab your backpack & head out the door kind of Road Trip. Things have come together - due, in no small part, to a fabulous husband!

The plan is depart about two hours before this post posts.  I'll catch you later this week - I'm gone!!  Watch out Paducah - Cherry is on her way!!

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