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Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Break - Phase Two

This is not quite the post I thought it would be.

Yes, Phase Two of my Spring Break started yesterday. Unfortunately, it's starting with a few actual breaks. Not mine - I'm fine. 

My friend, P, was trying out a horse yesterday that was under consideration for purchase.  Not quite a good match, which resulted in her taking a nasty fall, landing hard, into a fence post. She was wearing her helmet, (of course!) which protected her head.  

While she never lost consciousness, her back took a hard hit.  A few hours in the emergency room revealed some small fractures in her upper back and pelvis.  Right now, she's still there - waiting for a special back brace, which may take a few days to fit & make.  We are waiting to hear more on what we can do to help P & her husband, T with anything they need done today.  The hospital care has been great but it's located almost two hours from their home, which adds impact to  the logistics. 

Yesterday afternoon was supposed to be the great garage shift - moving the steel drawer cabinet, weight bench and rolling cabinet around to their new & hopefully permanent locations.  Since I was at hospital, Sweet Man decided to go ahead and tackle this project by himself.  

I was so surprised!  And grateful that he understood I needed to stay at the ER until I we had some definitive word on what the tests showed  for P and then drive up to Wisconsin to take care of their dogs. 

And irritated, because he could have hurt himself doing this alone.  And thrilled at the newest progress on the garage makeover - this shift around made a huge difference!   And glad that he will have some space to continue - careful not to overdo - arranging his space!  

And happy he is closer to embarking on a new passion.

So Phase Two is officially kicked off.  Hopefully, it goes a bit smoother from here on out.  Fingers Crossed!

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  1. Please let P and T know I am thinking of them. Sorry to hear that P took such a bad fall, hope she heals quickly so she can get back to riding. I send you hugs.