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Monday, April 27, 2015

Home from Paducah!

It was an amazing trip!!!

I'm still processing everything I've seen and learned. I have 287 pictures to sort out. 

I made it home safe & sound late Saturday.  Not quite everything is unpacked, though 4 loads of fabric have already made it through the washer and dried on the line outside.  

This was the very first stop in Paducah! After the long drive down, the truck decided it was time for a break before heading to the hotel.  I've been shopping online with Hancock's of Paducah for years but this was the very first time I set foot into the store.  

Picture taken very early Saturday morning - 

Before the Hordes descended!
It was a blast - I stopped there everyday of the trip, though I shopped carefully.  Hancock's of Paducah emailed daily in-store deals Wednesday to Saturday.  The store was very well organized, with plenty of cheerful extra help to handle the hordes of shoppers arriving by the bus load.

Here are just a few shots of some of my new fabric treasures.

Batiks FQs and Tonga Treats 6 Pack (6" x WOF) 'Lace' batiks
 The brights are sparking a new quilt colorway and the FQs came out to $2.31 each.  The Tonga Treats were on special one of the days - Buy one, get the second one at half off the already discounted price.  I now have light neutral batiks for the stash!!

 The bottom batik is totally washed out but it's cream with tan, brown, pink & corals shade in the print.  The red and black check is the softest piece of fabric ever - it's for a special little kitty blanket.  The checkerboard is actually a small pin.  The thread is for the stash.

Back of the checkerboard pin.

Hoffman Bali Snaps - $6.99 each!

A fun print of a watercolor palette by Quilting Treasures, destined to become a zipper pouch or two

Tree of Life panel - "Fantasia" collection by Timeless Treasures
So much more to share from the show, the National Quilt Museum, the Rotary show and the trip in general.  Of course, I am WAY behind in my blog following/reading. So much to catch up on - it's going to be a busy week!

And yes - I've changed some of the advanced layout settings on the blog, some will stay & some won't. 

And an update on P - she came home from hospital very late last Tuesday, ensconced in a plastic body brace, from her upper chest to her hips, with a neck collar. We visited briefly yesterday & she's doing well.


  1. Glad to hear that your friend is out of hospital. Hope she heals up quickly!

    Hancock's sounds like a fun place to visit, although it could be dangerous to the bank balance.

  2. LOVE the watercolor palate fabric! PLEASE make me a zipper pouch too!