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Monday, October 5, 2015

Hanging on the Wall

Nope - not a Wall Hanging Quilt.

Using the paneled wall at the Michigan house as a drawing board.  The master sketch has been outlined with sharpie so I can do tracings from it.

What you can see is the next step of making a tracing of this side, flipping it over for the left wing, and getting it drawn on the master sketch. Lots of up and down, crawling on the floor and using the screen door of the house as a light box.  Thankfully, the only one here to see me was Drake. And he's not laughing.  He was, however, very grateful when I stopped for the night.  It's exhausting following me around the house and watching over me all day.  

Yes - he is snuggled on his own flannel quilt.
Tomorrow - more drawing and fabric choices.

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