A View of My Quilt Life

Friday, May 8, 2020

Little Stars Shine!

Ever onward with the Unity quilt! The big dahlia quilt sandwich has no progress  - it's just sitting in the corner waiting on me to get back to it. And it's going to have to sit there a bit longer. I was behind in keeping up with the Unity quilt parts so my free time focus has been stitching pieces into parts. 

These parts become stars. All except for one block, that is. One of these is NOT like the others! 

It was the second to last one I stitched up. Thankfully! Happily, it was only one block that had to be unsewn. 
Love these small little shining stars! And the stars joined together into orderly rows.
Couple of slightly wonky edges but those will be hidden in the seams. And the rows where attached to the quilt center.

Getting there!