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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

AQS Quilt Week Paducah - Day 0.5

Hello from the road!
I left yesterday evening to get a start on the drive to Paducah. So far, I've covered 220 miles in 3.5 hours, with 1 stop for dinner. Not bad. Tonight is the Holiday Inn in Effingham, IL. Very nice room, okay rate, considering I just booked it at 4 pm today.

Planning for an early departure this morning, so I should be on the road by the time this post goes live. For those of who wondering why I need to get going so early when I'm only about 4 hours out and the show doesn't actually start until Wednesday... Yes, I have a few side trips in mind for some extra adventuring! 

The plan is subject to the timetable and how hard I decide to push. The maximum is 6 states but that's a big push. And, of course, weather will need to be factored into the equation.  Intrigued? Me too! Come on along for this road trip. I promise I'll figure out a way to get some decent pictures uploaded. I'm posting via my tablet so that may be tricky. 

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