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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tuesday Travel - Diamond Hunting

3 states
15 hours
692 miles
0 diamonds

I'm a rock hound. There, I said it. I'm forever picking up rocks from wherever I go. Been doing it since I was a little kid, dragging rocks home from the shore of Lake Michigan. Nowadays, the collection includes stones from Switzerland, Paris and even Dubai (a friend brought me that one).

But today I was hunting the ultimate rock - a diamond. The Crater of Diamond state park has an active diamond field for anyone to come out and search out a precious stone. You find one, you keep it. There are white, yellow and brown diamonds waiting to be found.

I've wanted to go there for several years now and with some creative rearranging of my holiday plans, and a whole lot of driving, I finally made it there. No diamond for me but a couple days hours of digging in the dirt, enjoying the Sun and the thrill of the hunt.

Today the truck is headed to Paducah - Only a five hour drive away! With a more relaxed schedule, there will be time for stops and pictures.

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  1. Too bad about the lack of diamonds, but it sounds like you are having a fun trip.