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Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Year Day!!

Happy Leap Year Day!!  

Personally, I think today should be a legal holiday, given it only comes once every 4 years.  But since that isn't the case, take some time today to do something special - just for yourself. Or better yet - do something special for someone else.

This past weekend, I attended two (2) 4-H tack sales hunting new & used horse tack.  Now you are probably thinking - How much more horse tack does she really need?   The answer is not that much.  But I'm not hunting just for myself - there are others at the barn that need things.  

And in the spirit of Leap Day Do Something for Others, I am now hunting tack & supplies for a couple of horse rescue organizations.  While I can't donate a lot of money for these groups, I can hunt bargains on items they need to keep helping horses.   

Today, I'll be cleaning and organizing my finds, prepping them for shipment. My quilt design wall is doing double duty right now. 

 Very soon, this wall needs to revert back to just fabric as I am working on finalizing my Storm at Sea variation. I like the feeling of movement in the third version I colored so far.  I need to finish the coloring by adding the neutrals.  The bottom part is a little tricky as I want to regress the neutrals out to the bottom. 

In the meantime, enjoy your Leap Day activity, whatever you decide to do.

Spring is right around the corner!!

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