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Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Day After

Happy Day After Valentine's Day!!

The actual day was spent hunkered down in the house.  Winter sent a blast of Arctic air our way over the  last few days and with no real reason to venture forth, we stay in.  The DH did brave the cold to pick up some breakfast skillets from our local town restaurant.  Have to love a man that brings home the bacon - already cooked even. LOL!  

Since I've been kind of missing in action on this blog lately, I'n sure you've been wondering what I've been up to over the past two weeks.  

The quick answer?  A lot of stuff and no sewing!

DH is still struggling with his back issues but we are starting to get some answers with the testing the Drs. have ordered. That's a good thing & he is managing well, all things considered.

Work's been busy.  I've been working a a HUGE upgrade project for the past few months & we finally completed it. But it's only Phase One of Three of the even HUGER Globalization Project.  The next two phases are expected to evolve over the remainder of this year.  I'm learning more about computer system configuration that I ever thought I needed to know and it's not even the IT back side of it all.  It's cool collaborating with people in the organization  across the world.  

All of this leaves little time and energy for studio work. Or maybe it's the grey-ness of Winter that makes me want to couch potato the evenings.  Not sure but it has to stop and soon.  

I have been riding.  I have been hitting a few tack sales. I have been coloring a quilt design. I have info on a new quilt challenge (details coming to share) And the DH & I even hit an estate sale (more on that later too).

I'm back and the goal is to try to write posts three times a week. There - the goal is out in the Universe and I MUST try to maintain it.

Staying warm,

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  1. Sounds like a very busy time. Happy day after Valentines!