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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Estate Sale Find

Friday was a work-from-home day. By the time lunch time rolled around, I needed a break from all things computer.

Earlier in the week, I noticed a sign for an estate sale, not too far from home, on what was a horse property.  I was hoping there would be some good used tack that I could get at a good price, clean it up and send on to a horse rescue group. 

Of course, I was also hoping there would be a Featherweight or two just waiting for me to carry them home, too.

Well, turns out that way just wishful thinking on both counts. The property was indeed a horse property, but no tack and I couldn't go into the neat little 4 stall barn. The house was a trim 3 bedroom ranch style stuck in the 70's but it was sound and laid out okay.  It also had a large pole barn building housing some small farm equipment and a workshop.   If I had the resources, we would be moving in a heartbeat!

Someone who lived there dabbled in quilting and sewing. Alas, no Featherweight but a 70's era machine in a cabinet that held no interest for me. There were some older sewing and quilting books and some fabric piled about.  While most of it was definitely dated & not my style, my eye was caught by some bright, sunshine on otherwise grey day.

Six (6!) yards of Northcott shaded yellow cotton for $5!  Now that made it worth the trip. And it was a welcome break from the workday.

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