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Monday, January 4, 2016

Mystery Quilt Reveal!

At 6 pm on New Year's Eve, Bonnie Hunter released the  REVEAL of the 2015 Winter Mystery Quilt!  I was excited but not in a hurry to interrupt the evening's festivities (I was cooking and DH & I we were watching movies). Part of New Year's Day was spent with friends and then hanging out with the broken DH. 
'Allietare' is  beautiful!!!

Given the on point payout and the block count, I had to go back and make several pieces to fill out my quilts.  I discovered I wasn't thrilled about this. It was nothing horrible but I just wanted to move on to the setting triangles (even need a few more parts to assemble these too) and sewing it all together, not go backwards. 

Quilting Impatience at it's finest! 

I popped Downton Abbey into the dvd player, started serious chain piecing and webbing and I had the mini blocks together  fairly quickly - and was short a block and a half. These were in need of serious pressing. 

Light Blocks on the ironing board:

Dark Blocks on the board. Hmm, I can see me playing with this block in a controlled colorway in the future - look at the second pattern emerging.

By dinner time, I had both the lap size top pieced (42 inches square). Some kind of borders to be determined sometime soon and attached eventually.

And the miniature size top pieced (21 inches square) - maybe just a binding on this one.  It was a challenge doing it in this size, including some of the dreaded un-sewing, but I did it! And I LOVE it!

This was my third Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt and once again this was a fun break for me. No thinking, designing or agonizing - just amazing, clear step by step directions, accurate cutting, careful sewing, culminating in a great quilt, with a lot of fun sharing along the way!  I'm linking up LINKY HERE with everyone else to see how far everyone got on their mystery.  Have to say it feels good to have 2 tops done by January 2nd .


  1. Lovely version Cherry and your miniature is just amazing!!!! Love it.

  2. They are both beautiful, but the half-scale one is extra special. Well done!

  3. Your colors are very beautiful. The greens and purples really worked. It will be a stunning quilt.

  4. Love it as a mini too. Great colors!

  5. Your Allietare is so pretty!! And what a blast, having the mini as well. I'm about to start working on mine again after recovering from Christmastime and illness. :D