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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Threads Away

After the holiday crush, the cutting table was a disaster area. Actual cutting of anything fabric related was impossible.  Not to mention, there was general disorganization of sewing supplies not put away from my travels.

Eventually, I got down to spools of threads and bobbins. I've ordered quite a few Featherweight bobbins recently to add to the old ones.  Many of the old bobbins were filled with thread - old thread - in some cases multiple colors of old thread. Time to take some time to strip all of that off.

All the empty bobbins have found a new home. 

These cute tins are re-purposed tea tins from Teavana.  Love the bright colors.  I think I have enough FW bobbins  - could use some 66's. I even found an odd 15 bobbin from when I mistakenly bought them for the workhorse Singer.  

I resorted my thread spools by maker, weight and color, along with any coordinating, already wound bobbins.  Yep, my ocd totally kicked in! 

This is only part of the thread collection. The hand quilting thread, the single color piecing thread (natural, cream, grey, black) and the 'other' threads are stored in the upright drawer cabinet. 

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