A View of My Quilt Life

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Tale of Two Sit-ties

Yeah - bad pun, I know, but that's the kind of mood I'm in right now.

Sit #1
I've been working from home quite a bit from last June on, using my sewing table as an oversize desk.  I've juggled two sewing machines, two laptops, and a monitor in a small space. Doable, except for the rat's nest of cables. But believe it or not, that wasn't the worst problem I needed to address.  What I should have been thinking about all those months ago was my chair. Or lack of a proper, comfy, supportive chair.

I have been making do with a regular kitchen chair with the addition of 2 seat pads. Not good at all!  I kept finding myself in these weird crunched up body positions.  For our anniversary, I mentioned that I would love to get a real comfy office chair for the studio. I was prepared for a lengthy hunt to find the right one - comfy but not a million dollars and I wasn't in a real hurry, though my body was!  The DH however thought it was a great date day shopping adventure. It turned out he was right.  We were out and about doing a planned supposedly short shopping day (Walmart and Barnes & Noble), when the car turned into Office Depot.  They had a large selection of chairs (that you could actually sit in to try out) to choose from and they were having a SALE!!  

I found one I liked - comfy, not huge and in my price range.

DH put it together for me and it's great!  It's made by Serta so you know it's comfy. I like that it's not a dark color and it's not huge, so it doesn't overwhelm the space. Did I mention how comfy it is?  Of course, I promptly covered it with a quilt to protect it from sharp kitty nails. I'm thinking a custom quilted cover may be a near future project.

Sit #2
A young rider, K., at the barn, who has her own little buckskin gelding, needed a new saddle.  She has a lovely all leather western saddle but it's simply too heavy for her to lift onto his back by herself.  She needed an everyday lightweight training saddle so she can prepare her horse for lessons independently. In stepped the Shopping Maven (me) to lend a hand.  Discussing things over with K's Mom and our trainer, we settled on a budget, a brand, and the size & weight requirements.  I found one that fit the bill, in less than 4 days!  

It was a great deal on eBay,  it shipped quickly and over this past weekend K got to try it out.  The look on her face when she lifted it for the first time was priceless!  She proudly hoisted it over her head to show her Mom.  That totally made my day! It feels good to use my shopping powers to help others.


  1. Bravo! The world famous Shopping Maven once again performs her magic for the betterment of the world. ;-)