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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mystery Quilt Work

Clean a little, organize a little and I get some stitching time as a reward. The truth is, I couldn't find the top of the cutting table to work on anything in the studio unless I did some work first.

The mini size Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt was asking to be layered and quilted.

I dug into the batik stash and found a muted, multi-color piece for the back.  Layering was a breeze, as it is only 21 inches square.  I settled in with my workhorse Singer, an archived episode of Quilt Cam on the laptop and a nice cuppa. 

This quilt has a lot of seams!  I probably should have taken the time to trim the quarter inch seams down. The intersections of the triangle units required some extra care and effort to stitch through. You can see a few wobbly-bobbly quilting lines from the back.

There is a good bit of quilt in the ditch on this quilt - more than I usually do but I wanted the piecing to shine. The outer round of setting triangles are not done yet. 

I think I'll just be finishing it off with a narrow red violet binding. Here's a picture of the two mystery quilts together to show off the difference in scale. 

 The lap size needs a border or two of some kind before I layer and quilt it. Hopefully, very soon!

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  1. Amazing to see them beside each other! I am so impressed with both of them. They are both beautiful, but the tiny one must have been so fiddly to do!