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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year's Cleaning Commences

Lack of organization can make me either crazy or I can totally ignore it (for a little while anyway).  This part of the downstairs bedroom closet is of the making me crazy variety.  The bedroom is small (10' x 11'), the closet smaller. You may remember when we replaced the doors - huge improvement.  

But the functionality is not optimized.  Originally, I kept our off season clothes down here. But now that I sleep down here, some everyday clothes have migrated with me. And they need some serious corralling.  Since the wardrobe and the chest of drawers are already full (sweaters, fabric, sweatshirts, fabric, and did I mention fabrics?), I needed a solution for the smaller, non-hanging items.

A trip to Michael's for Sakura Gelly Pens netted me a few plastic bins. Kind of a bonus that they are coral, to match the wall color. YAY!  

Just the ticket for socks, bras and undies. And I can slide in things along side the bins too!  

Perfect way to start the de-cluttering/reorganization for 2016!

Oh - and the oven has already been cleaned too!  The Christmas Duck did a number on it.

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