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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sitting out the Storm (at Sea)

Why is it I have no problem sitting in at my sewing machine all day, every day (I wish) but sitting in a business meeting conference room for three days in a row makes me twitchy and tired?  Not to mention, cranky in the evening.  I've counteracted this with some of the latest relaxation trend - adult coloring.  

While others are just discovering the benefit of returning to our favorite kindergarten activity, many quilters have known about it for years.  There is nothing better to unwind than pulling out the color pencils and some design pages.  Not only is it relaxing, we end up with a road map for a new project.

I started with this & didn't like it.

I thought I was going to play with the internal shapes hidden within the Storm at Sea design - diamond stars, hearts, ornaments - but I ended up working with color placement & progression instead.

And version number 2.

These may or may not be where I end up for my newest quilt but I'm definitely enjoying the playing with color.

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  1. 3 days of business meetings is my idea of hell! 3 days with the sewing machine, though, sounds like heaven.

    Colouring potential quilt designs looks like lots of fun, too.