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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Colors and Coloring

Since it’s officially Spring here in the Midwest, it’s about time to have some Spring colors popping up.

In between the late March snow, the daylilies are doing their best.  

No worries – the snow didn’t last long and the lilies should be just fine. 

I didn’t color any Easter eggs this year, since the dozen in the fridge are brown eggs.  But I did buy some new riding clothes, in Spring colors, for the Easter Adult Fun Show this coming weekend.

I think they go well with my spring show saddle pad that I made last year.

In the last of my recent coloring adventures. I went from this last spring:

To this at the end of summer:

And then this, last week - BLAH!:

Yes, my hair is slowing growing back.  But it’s the drab brunette my parents blessed me with and the extra grey hairs I’ve earned over the years.  I felt and looked wash out & worn down.   Not anymore.

The RED head is back!

I ‘fell’ into a little box of hair color the other night.  It;s brighter in real life.  No one can miss me now!  It feels good to look more like me.

I wonder what I’ll get into next.


  1. Cherry is back! You look awesome darlin'

  2. Great to see your hair AND the garden springing up for Spring!

  3. cool photos and colors chosen here :)

  4. jackie@mail.postmanllc.net