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Friday, March 18, 2016

I've Been...

Taming the Paperwork Dragon
The office had become a giant dumping ground for all kinds of things.  The closet in her is my main clothes closet and it was getting a little difficult to get around.  Tools, books, hardware, painting supplies and Paperwork, lots & lots of Paperwork. 

All of it needs to be sorted and then filed or shredded.  A lot of it.  My previous job involved too much Paperwork so the very last thing I wanted to touch at home was more Paperwork.  Happy to have this beast almost tamed down to a mere house cat!

Cleaning horse tack
I've been hitting multiple tack sales, picking up deals for others at the barn and a few horse rescue groups.  

Everything made of leather needs to cleaned and conditioned.  Amazing how a little time, attention & elbow grease transforms the leather.

Notice it's taking place on the sewing table?  So you can guess what I haven't been doing.  I'm still working on coloring the Storm at Sea. 

I squeezed in a few rides on Stormy.  Here he is looking a little rough around the edges.  

I particularly like the hay stuck in his mane - right after I had just brushed him out.  The weather has been cooperating and riding is great exercise!

I did have a run in with the Spring head cold.  It's been going around the office. And around. And around. 

I'm dog/house sitting this weekend and the sewing machine is coming along for the ride - with any luck  a new quilt project will get under the needle.  

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  1. Good luck with all that paperwork. Filing is somehow not as satisfying as reviving leather tack.

    Happy weekend!