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Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter

This is our Easter lamb cake, made by my dad - pound cake with vanilla frosting.

I was out to Michigan on Friday, opening the house with Mom and she brought it with so I could bring it home.  I did. By Saturday morning, I fulfilled the Family tradition - Lamb cake ears are always cut off first, enjoyed with my morning tea. My brother, sister & I used to fight over the ears.

Shortly after that:

This lamb cake is not going to last long around here.

Note to Dad:  Easter cellophane 'grass' does NOT mix well with frosting.  Just saying!  The cake is yummy, though.

Easter was a bit different this year. I had a plan - it was a good plan.   I have a lovely corned beef brisket in the fridge that I was going to cook up with some fixings.  I started the day making yummy blueberry pancakes for Easter breakfast.

Then came the planned activity for the day. 


Ugh!  I had to wade through the pile of medical bills,  statements, explanation of benefits - organizing and totaling them up (Yikes!).  Lots to do before I could even start on the taxes.  Before I knew it, the clock was striking 3 in the afternoon.  The brisket was still in the fridge. Well, crud! So much for that plan.

We had left over Chinese food for dinner.  Love that the DH is a tolerant man!  At least we had a couple of yummy cheesecake slices for desert.

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