A View of My Quilt Life

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tahiti Blue

The originally planned layout for the Flying Geese/ Bird in the Air quilt is not going to work.  And that's so okay.

The new layout is much more appealing and balanced.  It has more planned negative space for visual relief from all the movement. New layout on the left - old layout on the right.

I purchased the fabric back in April of 2015, though I am now expanding the color palette.  Except for the background blue - that is the Hoffman 1895 batik, Tahiti #254. 

I started with the block breakdown to figure the cut list.  And started cutting the background pieces - 504 blue pieces, so far, for the bird block!  240 of those pieces are 1.5 inch squares.  Not shown are the 6 thirteen and a half inch blank squares.

So glad that part is behind me but there's plenty more cutting ahead. I still have the Bird in the Air color pieces to cut & then I can start on the Flying Geese units. 

The new layout means the quilt will be larger than I thought the finished quilt was going to be.  I originally purchased two and a half yards of the Tahiti blue and there is a good chance I am going to run short. DRAT!  I've already ordered another hunk and it's on it's way here.  The dye lot will be different, of course, but it should still work. Can't wait for it to get here to see what creative turn this means for the quilt.


  1. Those fabrics look so luscious! It's nice to see the creative journey, the decisions made along the way.