A View of My Quilt Life

Friday, October 7, 2016

Sandwich on the Floor

The new quilt got about a third of the way pinned into a sandwich 

before I ran out of pins. DRAT!!! 

While the quilt was stretched out on the floor waiting  for me to get more pins, the dining area underwent another transformation.

It makes a great workspace! 

I spent some time staring at the quilt all laid out, trying to figure out how to start the quilting on it.  Finally, I remembered a great place to start would be original version of this quilt - "Midnight Flight to the Four Winds". 

I liked the way I quilted the bird blocks so that was easy to decide to more forward on them.  The background quilting took a little more time to figure out, and even then I've only decided on the inner part of the yellow bird center.  

You know it's a serious quilt session when I bring two machines with me.  

I prefer the Singer Scholastic 6510 for machine quilting anything larger than 36 inches square.  The guts of this machine are mechanical, not computerized, so it handles the demands of machine quilting and travel on a road trip.

I'm not one for rolling or folding the quilt sandwich, I'm a puddler. 

And a yanker, a pusher, a puller - anything to get the job done.