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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Slip Sliding Away

It's no secret that work has been busy for me since mid-April.  I took a grand total of 3 days off all summer. I am extremely lucky to be able to usually work from home two days a week.  We've had a new product launch mid-September that has thrown that schedule into shambles. 

I am also extremely lucky to have a great boss who understands I need my solitude sometimes to handle the workload.  So does my Wonderful DH!!   The planets aligned (Boss was taking a week off, I needed to quilt & DH is doing great!)  for me to be able to head to Michigan for FOUR whole days! 

Granted I am working three of those days but I have the advantage of the tile floor for sandwiching the flying Geese quilt, provided I got the top pieced. Also the change of scenery, quiet solitude and lack of commuting time helps balance the crazy. 

I drove out early Sunday and within 10 minutes of arriving, the truck was unloaded and the dining table was transformed into my satellite studio space.

That's Dot, the 1957 Featherweight, up on the table and ready to piece.  She's been getting quite the workout on this quilt.

As I got everything set up, I realized that I forgot to grab one of my cutting mats.  The only one I had was the mini spinner mat that stays in my red roller quilting bag.

NOT going to work for trimming up a quilt top!  I needed some groceries so I opted to drive up to Walmart, knowing I could get a mat too.

Much better! And double sided.

This gives me an extra mat for that can stay up here for the months the house is open. Of all the things to forget to bring, I'm actually glad it was the mat, as it was easily remedied.

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