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Thursday, January 19, 2017

More Goodies from My Trip

Quilting, and in particular patchwork, is not very common in Switzerland, so the hope of finding quilting fabric was pretty much non-existent. Further, I was hampered in my efforts to visit fabric shops by the fact that most all shops are closed on Sunday. But....I was not to be deterred.  In Zug, there is a Bernina sewing shop that I hit on day on lunch.  
Translation:  I Sew with Bernina, and you?
The selection of fabrics ran more to knits, jerseys and clothing materials, but I did grab a nice piece of cream cotton bottom-weight that I liked.  

Not for quilting but it will be used for something here. They also had these patches for the Cantons of Switzerland that I visited, with the hopes of adding more next time I get to go over. 
I indulged myself in a pair of stork embroidery scissors made by Victornix (better known as the company that makes Swiss Army knives of every conceivable kind).

This shop had a great green ribbon that will go with the embroidered roses piece. 

And see those peach embroidered knots?  Those were at the outlet shop in St. Gallen and are destined to become spool pin doilies for the vintage Singers. 

It was an amazing, whirlwind, busy, work trip but it's good to be home and able to play in the studio again.  The little rose piece is just for fun but there are a few more pressing projects needing some attention.  

Like a Cow.

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  1. Good find! It seems very appropriate to visit a Bernina shop in Switzerland.