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Monday, January 23, 2017

Other Swiss Treasures

Someone asked about the food I may have indulged in while on my recent trip. You know, some Swiss specialties. 

Like maybe the:
Kalbsgeschnetzeltes nach Zurcher Art with Rösti at the Zeughauskeller Restaurant in Zurich

Panfried sliced veal and mushrooms in a creamy white wine sauce, served with hashbrown potatoes.  These are not your Grandma's hashbrowns!  These are browned in like a stick of butter per serving. 

They even bring you the rest of the serving in a heavy stainless steel pan, kept warm over a flame so the sauce doesn't break. It was AMAZING!  Just the thing to warm me up after trekking around Zurich on Sunday in the cold and damp.

But I have a guilty confession - I ate at McDonald's one night.  It was late, I was cold, tired & hungry by the time I got back to my hotel.  The area was more industrial (near the airport) than touristy, so dining options were limited.  Rather than eat in Zurich or at the train station, I got on the first train  heading back and then slogged over to McDonald's for sustenance.   This is were the sticker shock was felt - 11.70 CHF (about equal to $11.70 USD) for a Big Mac Meal.  Not the healthiest choice but it fit the bill. No pictures of that.

One evening in Zug, we had a team dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant - AnaCapri.  I had the grilled octopus, drizzled with a wonderful balsamic reduction. And wine, white wine, red wine and a bright Moscato to finish the meal. YUM!

On another evening, I worked later with the Project team, while my boss and his colleague headed back tot he hotel & then dinner.  They had reservations at a Thai restaurant (not my favorite) and I didn't know when we would be done so I sent them on their way.  I later headed to the Rathauskeller for a lovely solo dinner.  

I finished my meal with a caramel custard, with whipped cream, dusted with crushed pistachios, dotted with pomegranate seeds, accompanied by a waffle cookie and decorated with a sugar thread piece.

I have yet to try Swiss cheese fondue (better with a group) 

and Raclette (melted/grilled cheese).  

Next time...

And finally, on the last night of our visit, after a long day at work and some gift shopping, three of us ended up at the Zug train station and an Asian takeaway restaurant, that also had sit down service.  We indulged in a few adult beverages, laughing hysterically, as we were trying to order Asian food from a menu printed in German. Need to continue my German language lessons!   

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