A View of My Quilt Life

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sewing on the Solstice Project

There has been some stitching happening!   

I have a few projects that need to be layered before they can be quilted - the Bonnie Hunter mystery mini, the Construction Truck twin size, and a few that need to be designed - the Winter Woods. And one in the middle of the design process - the Cherrywood Van Gogh piece. But none of those have been under a needle. 

So what have I been stitching on?  Wild Cherry, the FW, has been pulled out as it's her turn, to stitch on some little parts.  Back on December 29, 2016, I posted about the  

Since then, 5 blocks have been posted - 1 each week with another due to be up today.  While I haven't joined in the Linky on Pat Sloan's project blog, I have caught up on making the blocks, though they need a good pressing.

While Pat's blocks are designed as 12 inch blocks, mine will finish at 3 inches.  

Because I can - that's why. And see the top blocks?  Those plain center squares are supposed to have baskets appliqued there.  Not sure if that's going to happen - have to wait & see how they play with the other 20 blocks we have yet to make.  

Or 46 more for me, as I'm doing two of each plus 6 extra to get a 7 x 8 layout.  Interestingly, the camera is not picking up the shades of aged muslin I'm using. I'll have to work on the next batch of pictures to see if I can get them to show up better. It felt good to be at a machine again!


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