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Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Project!

Yep - I found another project to get started on. Can you believe it?  I was just cruising around the interwebs, reading through a few of my favorite blogs and on Cat Patches, I found a mention of Pat Sloan's 182 Day Solstice Challenge. The name got me checking it out. Basically it's this - snipped from Pat's blog, in her own words...
"I've been fascinated for years about starting a project on the Winter Solstice and ending it on the Summer Solstice. That is 182 days between them this year.
A 182 days to focus on doing a project... something fun... creative.. free flowing. And doing it together is way more fun than by myself!.
Check out the details but it boils down to 26 blocks (1 a week) from the Winter Solstice, which was December 21st here in the Northern hemisphere, until the Summer Solstice, June 21st.  Pat's blocks are designed as 12 inch finished blocks, with maybe a few surprises thrown in and a setting somewhere along the way. 

Now, you all know by now that I can't leave well enough alone. Oh no, why not just follow along & make the blocks as posted?  Because I can't.  I'm not wired that way. No, I have to make the blocks so they finish at 3 inches. And I need to make a total of 56 blocks (a 7 x 8 layout, or 21"x 24"), so that's 2 a week plus 4, because 52 doesn't layout in rows.  On the plus side, I have a group of aged muslin hanging around that was going to be the Storm at Sea but that requires more color and contrast than this fabric can offer.

Because I just started this yesterday, I had two week's blocks to make. And since the blocks are small, the seams need to all be trimmed to reduce bulk.
First four blocks down:

Yes, I know I really don't need another project right now.  As it is, I had to take a 3 hour round trip to get more Dinosaur fabric on Tuesday. And there are all the other things on my list BUT.... I couldn't resist.  This challenge will keep my sewing something every week, helping me keep the focus to work on the other projects, figuring out those details and designs.

I admit it - I am struggling a bit. I haven't been to the barn to ride.  I haven't done a lot of sewing.  I haven't gotten out walking. I haven't even done any handwork in ages!  Christmas felt like I was just going through the motions.  I'm feeling disconnected. I think that's the right word. I am missing a part of me - a medium dog size hole in my soul. 

I know time will make it some better.  DH & I have started discussing adding a new canine to our pack.  It's in the very early talking stages. We're not quite ready to do any looking yet.  We have a few things to get past first but our hearts are starting to open to the idea of a new dog. I'll share more when  it's time but I'd appreciate any & all positive thoughts you may care to share. 


  1. The solstice challenge sounds interesting, and your blocks so far are delightful!

    Adding a new dog to the family is a big decision. It can take some time to feel you are ready. We still miss all our old dogs. The new dogs don't replace them in your heart, but somehow you find a new spot in your heart for the new dog.

  2. I love this idea and would certainly be themeing mine around nature during those seasons!

    We've discussed trying for a new dog as well, but haven't reached a decision. It is a big step, isn't it?