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Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas Gift Spoiler

DH has been after me for my Christmas wish list. 

Well... that's kind of a project for me.  I prefer practical things most always. So imagine his surprise when I told him I wanted a rug for the studio.  More specifically, a rug for my new electric stove heater.

I briefly entertained the thought of braiding my own rug which I decided it would be Spring or Summer before I got one done. That's after I learned how to do it, of course. And I need a new project like I need a hole in my head!

I knew I wanted a braided rug.  And the color/theme of the studio is light, bright and a bit cottage-y.  The braided rug is homey to me but I didn't want drab colors in my rug.

I was thrilled to find this:
Waterways Sea Monster Green - 3 foot diameter
 It's on it's way to be wrapped for under the Christmas tree! Love the name of the color - Waterways Sea Monster Green. My friend, Scarlet, saw this and decided it's really Mermaid.  So now my studio rug is henceforth known as Mermaid.

That leads me to my studio electric stove heater.  I bought it in black because that's what was available locally.  
Basic Black
I admit, I was not about to wait for one to be shipped to me that was more expensive (like $30-40 more!) because it was a color.  But this is what I liked:
Pretty Blue!
My stove may be heading toward a paint job.  I'm waiting for the rug to arrive so I can pick a color that goes with the rug and my wall colors. Other small studio changes are underway.

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