A View of My Quilt Life

Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Solstice!

Yep, I'm a few days late but hey, it's a busy time of year!

I have the truck top to layer & quilt.

I need to finalize a layout for the dinosaur quilt.

I need to make some half square triangle units for the BH mystery quilt. Dark purple & neutral this week! 

I need (okay, this one's a want) to figure out the layout for the Winter Tree quilt.

I need to write my piece for the book.
What? What book?  Oh yeah, forgot to update on that.  The judging was announced for the NQOF: Flying Geese.  I am a finalist, not a prize winner but that's okay!  Fly Away Home will be in the book to be published in Spring on the contest.  I need to get busy & pull my notes, drawings, and pictures together in some reasonably interesting, logical order and get them on their way to the editor. Like soon!

And there's more but that's getting it's own post! Thankfully, the company I work for is having year-end shutdown all next week.  A most welcome & greatly appreciated bonus week off work!  I'll be in the studio if you need me. Right after I finish Christmas gift shopping, menu planning, grocery shopping... same thing most everyone is doing right about now.


  1. Awesome news about the Flying Geese quilt becoming a finalist and addition of your quilt making notes in the book - congratulations. Happy Solstice!