A View of My Quilt Life

Monday, December 19, 2016

Mystery Quilt Clue 4 Progress

The studio time this past weekend was worked in around holiday decorating - finally got the ornaments on the tree! And, of course, we are dealing with stupid Winter weather. DH's car battery was dead yesterday and we'll need to deal with it today. Not looking forward to that cause it's still -10 out there this morning (with the wind chill about -27). 

The studio's new electric stove heater has been running full blast and piecing got done! Clue #4 was more Tri-Recs units.

For me this was navy triangles with purple wings. Check out the MQ Link Up to see others progress on their quilts.

I also made progress on other projects that I'll share later.


  1. The super cold weather is hard on cars! Mine never wants to start this time of year. I hope the battery doesn't end up being too much of a pain.

    I love your units! It will be fun to see what your quilt looks like with the dark background.

  2. I like your colour choices, the navy and purple looks lovely!

  3. Hubby locked his keys in the car and the keypad on the door wouldn't work. It doesn't like 10 degree days either! It is nice to be caught up on the tri recs. I'm sure it will change this week though. Happy sewing.

  4. Your little mystery units look great. So far they remind me of an exhibition of traditional Amish quilts I went to years ago. The quilts used no light colours, but the dark fabrics seemed to glow because of the way they were put together.

  5. That navy background is going to be spectacular!
    Stay warm!

  6. I can't wait to see how your mini mystery turns out! Merry Christmas Cherry!