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Friday, February 3, 2017

Detouring to Phoenix - Fabric Choices

It's a new year, so it's time for a new Quilt Challenge. Besides,  of course, the Cherrywood Challenge, the New Quilt from an Old Favorite Contest, the 182 Day Solstice Challenge...

I couldn't help myself!  

I was driving home from work, right past Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop, like I always do and suddenly, out of the blue, i remembered they had recently announced the details of the 2017 Challenge.  It was right there, on my way home,  I had to stop.

They are doing a "Phoenix Rising Challenge".  The idea is to take a old block (your 'Phoenix' that will rise from the ashes) to use as the medallion of your quilt.  Add in a background fabric, at least three other fabrics, follow the monthly directions for the subsequent borders and after four (4) months the finished quilt will be about 68 inches square. 

The lovely salesgal who was explaining the challenge to me was puzzled when I told her I didn't have any old blocks laying around.  

The conversation went like this...
'You know, like when you've taken a class, made a block & then didn't do anything with it afterward'.   

'Umm, no - don't have any of those.  I'll have to make a new block'

'Really, you don't have any old project blocks?  You must have one or two? You know from a class...'

She was very nice but just didn't grasp the way I work.  Not slamming anyone here! Just a different perspective.  So I need to draft a block. And I already have an idea...

Of course,  I did need fabric!  The shop specializes in Civil War repro and some 30s & 40s prints.  Again - not my norm.  But - they have solids!  I have discovered Riley Blake's Confetti Cottons.  

This pile already has been through the washer & dryer.  The Confetti Cottons have a LOVELY hand to them!!!  The color selection was great. The exception in the pile was the darkest red - 'Rich Red', that is a Kona Cotton.   This fabric selection should be appropriate for a 'Phoenix Rising' quilt. 

Next up - drafting the center block.  It needs to be 18 inches square, set on point and then squared up with the background (black) fabric setting triangles.

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  1. Beautiful colors....by the way did you say Civil War fabrics? ;-)