A View of My Quilt Life

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Grand Illusion Sandwich

I FINALLY got a chance to turn my Grand Illusion quilt top into a sandwich.  Grand Illusion was the 2014 Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.  My top was finished back in January but since it measures 80 inches square, layering was delayed.  Until I was able to lay it out on the Michigan house tile floor. 

Oh, I had brought it up a time or two but once neglected to grab the backing and the other time, I only had a smaller batting with me. DUH!!

The planets and stars finally aligned, the backing was pieced and laid out. The backing was little out of square and might be a little short (I'll deal with that later).

This is the wrong side - the right side is bright green & yellow.
The pieced section is made from the border units I chose not to add to the front.
And the top was positioned and the pinning started.  I pinned and pinned and pinned. I had help from Drake. And then I ran out of pins... WHAT?!! 

I couldn't run to the store - it was rather late in the evening and the nearest store, that *might* have the curved pins and be open, was twenty minutes away. No way I would be able to run there, grab the pins (if they had them), drive back and then finish the pinning. I couldn't move the quilt.  I could barely keep Drake from walking all over it.

The next day, the pins were secured, the sandwiching complete and the quilt moved to a much safer place off the floor.  Next up is the machine quilting on it - it needs to be done before the 2015 Mystery Quilt begins on Black Friday. You'll be seeing my progress on it over the next month or so.


  1. Gorgeous! Mine is at the longarm quilters, too big for me to handle, cant wait to get it back!

  2. All pinned together! Hooray!
    I like the way you used the border units - they make an interesting pattern on the back. Hope the quilting goes smoothly and you can meet your deadline.