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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Balancing the Beams

Notice I didn't saw 'balancing on the beams'?  That's because these are ceiling beams, not underfoot. Still it's taken a bit a balancing to get them to this point.

With all the furniture and stuff just shoved around the room so I could tackle each section, I had to continually rearrange the shove bits as I progressed. No, not ideal, just tricky!

The balancing come into play when I was working toward the center of the room. One hand to put the stain on, the other hand holding the small can of stain and the third hand to keep a hold of something. WAIT!  I don't have a third hand!  I relied on bracing my knees against the step ladder top rail. Little scary at times. 

I also decided that in order to minimize the about of shoving furniture around, I would simultaneously paint the ceiling parts.  The coats of polyurethane required the moving of the ladder multiple times but not the furniture as I worked the sections. 

Sunday, the side effects of my medicine started to kick in but I thought I could push through a bit and maybe finish the staining of the beams at the least. NOT!!  Feeling weak and a little shaky does NOT mix well with climbing a ladder and finding my balance in mid air.  I'm fine - no accidents. just used some common sense and called it quits, AFTER I got a little more done. The beams closest to the sliding doors show my progress when compared to the picture above.

The room isn't crooked, I was apparently off balance!
Quitting while ahead was a good plan, especially since I was home alone, except for the pets. DH would have killed me if I would have fell and hurt myself - HA! 

The beams will still be there when the side effects lessen again!

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