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Monday, August 31, 2015

A New, Vintage Singer Project

I made my first ever Craigslist purchase over the weekend.  Just two towns over, a nice young gentleman had these listed for sale

along with this.

Can you say SCORE?!  Oh, wait, I should explain.  I recently saw this on the Quiltville Open Studio Facebook page and showed it to the DH. 

The very same DH who has just started his woodworking workshop in our garage.  He told me that if I could find the irons, he would make me this bookcase.

I totally scored!  I got the four drawers (fair condition) and the irons (a little surface rust - no big deal) for $40, less than 15 minutes from home!  

Just need to decide on which wood I want for the shelves - maple? cherry?  And then what color do I want to repaint the irons - black? hammered bronze? antique pewter?  These are the kind of decisions I like to have to make.  

Then there are the drawers - I may have a perfect plan for them, just need to take some measurements.

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  1. I haven't seen a treadle base made into a bookshelf before. Looks like a nice joint project!