A View of My Quilt Life

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It's a Triangle Top!!

While it may finally be a top, it doesn't have a name yet.

It's not perfect. The cream setting triangles had a little stretch through the bias, which started the distortion. Then there was a tiny bit of easing on the triangle border that had to be done, so the outside edge has some resulting wave. 

And you know what - I don't care!


I like the way the corners turned out.  

As it turned out I had three corners pieced this way, so I only had to un-sew and re-piece one of them.  I was so excited, I was going to layer and pin baste the top right away. 

Alas, no such luck!  The only batting I brought with me was 60" x 60".  It was designated for the project I'm still on the fence about.  This top with have to join my Grand Illusion mystery quilt on the 'To Be Layered' pile.  

Next time I'm up at the Michigan House, getting those two pinned will need to higher on the project list. 


  1. I love those cream triangles! I am a nut for neutrals anyway! Umm...it has ocean waves blocks in it, so, of course it is going to be a little wavy! LOL JK

  2. Great job! It is a beautiful quilt. The centre section allows you to see the alternating blocks in a way that got lost somehow when the whole quilt was just the blocks. Your dark framing borders are the perfect finishing touch. I love it, too!