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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Studio Decisions

Since the woods walls are getting whitewashed the other walls are long overdue for a color change.  I am tired of pale vanilla.  The wallpaper border is going away.

Current design wall - needing a serious change

That means a decision needs to be made on wall color.  A few paint chips followed me home from Home Depot.  I want a pure, pale color.  The white washed wood walls remind me of a beach cottage so I'm leaning to a blue/aqua/green palette. 

DH helped me decide that the beams should be whitewashed, too.

And something seriously needs to be done about the current wall lights.
Wall sconce missing its early American milk glass shade - but still awful
The swords on the wall will be coming back once the walls are redone. 

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  1. I'll look forward to seeing it finished! I'm going crazy looking at all the different paint chips and colour charts here. How can there be hundreds of different "whites"?