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Monday, August 10, 2015

I've Been Stalling on the Squares

But I had a really good reason!

This fell over! ACK!!!

And then of course, I realized that if I was making this a postage stamp quilt, I only needed one of each of the squares and when I filled the red tin, I put two squares of each fabric in the tin. 

Which meant I had to go through and sort the squares, some of which were completely out of order thanks to the fall.

Time to suck it up and get it going on this.  What I didn't realize is there was something else holding me back...ME!  I have never done a completely scrappy, un-controlled quilt before. YIKES!! 

Once the fabric was sorted, I headed down to the studio - IMMEDIATELY.   I so didn't want to lose any momentum.  Out came Wild Cherry and I started.

I am being totally, completely random in picking squares to sew into twosies.  Soon, they will become foursies. Not sure this quilt will turn out as large as I thought. 

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