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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Studio Colors!

Progress has been made on the studio redo.  The upper part of the long wall has been whitewashed and 2 coats polyurethane.

The color chips were narrowed down from this

to this, with the addition of one new  color card.  

At this point I eliminated the top two cards and then called in DH for the final decision - just to confirm my selection.  Of course, I picked the green from the last card I added.  Then we needed to find a cream color...

We quickly narrowed it down, as it had to work with the wall green (Glidden's Soft Venetian Glass) and the whitewashed wood.  The cream (Behr's Nice Cream) will go on the shelf and on the wood light surrounds.

The next step is to get the 9 beams whitewashed and polyurethaned.  There was more work done on the room that I'll show you tomorrow.  One step closer to getting my studio back.

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