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Friday, August 28, 2015

Hate it When DH is Right

Well, usually only when he's right and it means more work for me!

It pains me to say it of course but... 

The DH was right about painting the ceiling in the studio!

New ceiling color closest to the wall - nice, clean, bright, flat white
I mean really, why wouldn't I paint the ceiling when I am painting walls, whitewashing and polyurethaning wood siding and faux beams?  To be completely honest, it means many more trips up and down the ladder. UGH!!  See the wood walls are done. And I'm on to the beams.  The require a 3 step process. White wash stain on the beams, wait, wipe excess stain off. Wait at least one hour.  Apply first coat of polyurethane.  Wait at least two hours. Apply second coat of poly. The beams span the width of the room and each step requires at least four trips up and down the ladder for each beam. There are 9 beams.

To paint the ceiling, I have to use the ladder; I can't use the extension pole because of the beams.  I have to carefully cut in the edges next to the beams and use a small roller for better control. Which translates to four more ladder trips, per section of ceiling, across the width of the room.  And yes, I have to do it in sections at this point, just feathering out the roller strokes as much as possible.

BUT dang it, if it isn't worth it!  Not only will the new paint look good, it will reflect more light AND I'm getting a workout. 

Of course, it would go faster if I hadn't just shoved most everything to the middle of the room but there is really no where to move all of this stuff out of the studio.  However, I am almost, almost ready to shift something back to the edges of part of the room.  And the DH said now that his recent larger wood project is done, we can put the bar out in the garage and not yet bring in the drawer unit. 

Sewing bar circa Dec 2013 - it has more things on it now.
This will definitely give me some breathing room to get the redo done. Much like quilting - Ever Forward!!!

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  1. Just reading about it is making me feel tired! I'm sure it will be worth all that effort in the end.